Alert Buddy Portable Deaf Persons Alert System

  • A portable deaf persons fire alarm alert system ideal for use at home, in hotel bedrooms and other residential settings.
  • Works by monitoring and listening to the ambient sound in a room and automatically detecting the presence of a fire alarm signal.
  • When a fire signal is detected, Alert Buddy will flash, emit a <1KHz low frequency tone (75dBa @ 1m) and activate a vibrating pillow pad (available separately).
  • The combination of light + sound + vibration helps maximise the chances of someone being alerted to a fire alarm even if they are sleeping.
  • Can be wall mounted or will sit on top of a table.
  • Includes a combined Silence / Test button.
  • Visual Alarm Indicator designed to the O Class requirements of EN54-23.
  • Plugtop charger/adaptor supplied.
  • Contact your C-TEC Account Manager for availability details.
Technical Specifications

Supply/operating voltage

Mains supply

Max battery size and type

Product dimensions (mm)

Construction & finish


Operating conditions/temperature


BF320 Pillow Pad Instructions – DFU3200000