24V BS 5446-3 Vibrating Pillow Pad

  • Can be used in conjunction with a BF320JP connection plate to warn the hearing impaired of a potential fire alarm or evacuation alert condition.
  • Vibrates and pulses on and off when triggered as per the requirements of BS 5446-3 (2015).
  • Designed to be placed under a pillow to supplement the audible and/or visual indication alerts provided by a system’s sounders and/or VADs.
  • Wide 10-30V DC voltage range means it can also be connected to many third-party connector plates (subject to testing).
  • Includes a 2m connection lead with a locking mini-XLR connector to prevent accidental removal.
  • Includes a 6K8 end-of-line monitoring resistor for fire alarm system use – see instructions for monitoring options on other systems.
  • Supersedes our old BF363 pillow pad.
BF320 Pillow Pad Instructions – DFU3200000 145.76 KB Download
BF320JP Jack Plate Instructions – DFU3200001 171.25 KB Download
EU Declaration of Conformity – BF320 Pillow Pad (DoC) 127.40 KB Download