‘EVAC-ALERT’ Evacuation Alert Panel (in C-TEC cabinet)

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  • Designed for areas with low risks of vandalism such as secure or manned reception areas.
  • Can be configured so its evacuation switches are not active until enabled by an external secure switch.
  • Supplied as a 2 loop 8 zone panel expandable to 48 zones & 4 loops using add-on parts.
  • Enclosure features a heavy duty external door with metal hinges & 2 secure cam locks.
  • Can accommodate up to 38Ah batteries.
  • Internal features include bright LED indicators, easy-to-operate evacuation toggle switches and a concealed but intuitive maintenance interface.
  • Firefighter controls FULLY compliant with the requirements of BS 8629.
  • Can be connected to self-testing evacuation alert sounders, visual indicators & vibrating pillow pads.
  • Powered by C-TEC’s powerful ‘CAST’ protocol & compatible with our ENVISION data management software.
  • Customisable ‘slide-in’ floor/zone labelling system.
  • BF321 Evacuation Alert Panel Mains Keyswitch also available – allows the Mains supply to the panel to be switched on or off in accordance with BS 5839-1.
  • For unmanned, less secure areas our EAP 2-4 Loop C-TEC Gerda variants may be more appropriate.
Technical Specifications


Mains supply

Mains rated current

Internal power supply

Total output current limited to

Battery charge capacity

Quiescent current

Max battery size and type

No. of loop drivers

Max. loop output current

Max. loop length

Max. addressable devices per loop

Auxiliary relays

Other outputs

Auxiliary inputs

PC connection

Pager/DECT connection

Graphics interface/diagnostics connection

Network connection



Expansion connections

Construction & finish

IP Rating


Mounting information



1 Loop Variants

2 Loop Variants

4 Loop Variants

6 Loop Variants

8 Loop Variants

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