IR T2 Medium Area Infrared Transmitter

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  • A commercial-grade, medium-area infrared transmitter.
  • Provides a coverage area of up to 1.673 sq.m (18,000 sq.ft) in single channel mode with an RX22-4 receiver.
  • Ideal for assistive listening in spaces such as conference rooms, assisted living facilities, small cinemas and theatres, classrooms and courtrooms.
  • Utilises infrared light to carry audio to people needing hearing assistance to overcome background noise, reverberations and distance from the sound source.
  • Ensures direct, clear speech delivery into a single room – perfect for maintaining proprietary and confidential information within a room or when you have adjacent spaces.
  • Supplied with a wall / ceiling mounting bracket and power supply with line cord.
  • Measures 229mm W, 97mm deep, 36mm high and weighs 0.38kg.
  • Microphone input is 3.5mm stereo jack. Line inputs are Phoenix style connector jack for Channels A and B (will accept line level, balanced or unbalanced audio).
Technical Specifications
IR T2 Datasheet 175.61 KB Download
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