Dual Input XLR Microphone & Dual Phono Input Plate

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  • Combines the functions of an APXM microphone Outreach plate and an APL dual phono Outreach plate in one double gang device.
  • Accepts balanced or unbalanced microphones with standard 3 pin XLR connectors AND dual phono line level inputs.
  • Gives a more attractive appearance than separate, side-by-side, single gang Outreach Plates.
  • Counts as one of the total of ten plates permitted as part of C-TEC’s patented ‘Outreach Plate’ audio input extension system (see key features section below for details).
  • Compatible with C-TEC’s entire range of PDA102, 200E, Pro-Range and ML1 induction loop amplifiers.
  • Can be connected to any third-party audio or induction loop amplifier using an APV 24V 250mA power supply.
  • Mounts on a 25mm standard UK double gang back box.


More Information

The Outreach Plate audio input extension system comprises a range of wall, ceiling and desk mountable plates specifically designed to increase the audio input capability of any audio system. Covering the most common variants of audio connectors, they work by mixing the signals from various audio input sources into a single balanced line level input on a compatible amplifier.

Each input plate features a built-in mixer, preamp, input level control and balanced output.

Typically, up to 10 Outreach plates (any mix) can be daisy-chained to one balanced line level connection with cable lengths up to 100m easily achievable using standard two-pair audio cable (i.e. Belden 8723).

Each plate requires four wires; two balanced line (Line/A +, Line/A –), one ground (GND) and one power connection (V+ = 12-32V d.c.).

Most of C-TEC’s PDA Range induction loop amplifiers are fitted with an Outreach connection socket as standard. For audio systems that do not have an Outreach socket, straightforward network connection can be achieved using an ‘APV’ 24V 250mA d.c. regulated power supply and an ‘APXO’ 3 pin XLR balanced line output plate.


EU Declaration of Conformity – Outreach Plates (DoC)


Common characteristics between line in & line out
Input – balanced line: 0.775Vrms (0dBu) + 6dB (overload).
Input impedance: Greater than 10KΩ.
Output – balanced line: 0.775Vrms (0dBu) + 6dB (overload).
Output impedance: Greater than 100KΩ.
Frequency response: 90Hz to 20kHz.
Insertion loss/gain Less than plus/minus 0.2dB.
Insertion signal to noise ratio: Greater than 79dB.
THD + noise: Less than 0.1%
Dimensions & Mounting Information
Product dimensions: 147 W x 85 H x 39 D mm.
Back box requirements: Mounts on a standard UK 25mm flush or surface double gang back box