AlarmSense Relay Module

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  • Allows devices such as vibrating pillow alarms or vibrating radio/paging devices to be connected to an AlarmSense system. 
  • Can also be used to monitor and switch conventional sounders and visual indicators.
  • Suitable for use with C-TEC’s CFP AlarmSense range of 2-8 Zone Two-Wire Fire Panels.
  • Operates in three configurations:-
  • (1) relay activation places the AlarmSense Zone voltage across the output terminals.
  • (2) relay activation reverses the polarity of the AlarmSense Zone voltage across the output terminals (to allow the use of monitored conventional sounders fitted with series diodes).
  • (3) Two sets of volt-free contacts for use with door closure units, etc.
  • Relay can be set to priority or non-priority by means of a DIL switch.
Technical Specifications
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