Two-Wire Fire Systems

Perfect Pair

A winning combination

Most conventional fire systems require two pairs of wires per zone: one for detection devices such as fire detectors; the other for alarm devices such as sounders. By using different voltage bands for quiescent and alarm states, C-TEC’s CFP AlarmSense two-wire panel and Apollo’s AlarmSense two-wire components allow detection and alarm devices to be connected on the same pair of supply wires. The result? A winning combination of innovative fire alarm technology that can reduce installation costs by up to 25%.

Two’s Company

C-TEC’s powerful LPCB-certified two-wire CFP AlarmSense fire panel is easy-to-install and fully compatible with Apollo’s AlarmSense two-wire system components. Supplied in an attractive flush or surface mountable plastic enclosure, it includes 2, 4 or 8 AlarmSense zone circuits, four conventional sounder circuits, a fire relay, a fault relay, ‘class change’ and alert inputs and two open collector outputs (remote and reset).

The A Team

Apollo’s AlarmSense fire detectorsmanual call pointssounders/visual indicators and ancillary devices are perfect for use with C-TEC’s two-wire AlarmSense panel where they can be connected to the same pair of supply wires for quicker, less expensive and more flexible installation. Benefits include general (priority) and local (non-priority) alarm switching, separately identifiable call points and detectors, SynchroPulse alarm syncronisation, RemovAlert™ detector head removal monitoring and much, much more.

Power to the people

With fire legislation in many countries now stating any power supply performing a mandatory function of a fire alarm system must be certified to EN54-4, C-TEC’s range of Series 5 switch-mode digital hybrid LPCB/VDS certified power supplies has come into its own. Ideal for controlling beam detectors, auto-dial communicators, aspirating smoke detectors, electromagnetic door holders, ventilation systems and more, the range comprises 1.5A, 3A and 5A 24V units and a 2A 12V unit. A comprehensive range of non-EN54 PSUs is also available.

Stand by me

All life safety systems require a good quality standby battery supply. Whether it’s a fire panel, power supply, disabled refuge controller or even a third-party piece of equipment, our range of VRLA batteries can provide the power you need.