Quantec Documentation & Downloads

Download all the documentation you need for C-TEC’s Quantec call system devices from the list below (content is listed in alphabetical order by product part code):
QT302RXR/S IR Receiver Instructions – DNU3020002190.30 KB Download
QT412 IR Transmitter Instructions (800 Series) – DNU4120002666.91 KB Download
QT421 Configurator Instructions – DNU042100036.57 KB Download
QT422RX Radio Receiver Instructions – DNU0422000333.69 KB Download
QT423 Configurator Instructions – DNU0423000159.65 KB Download
QT424/10 Charger Instructions – DNU0424000148.42 KB Download
Quantec QT601-2 Controller Engineers / Programming Manual – DNU60120011.59 MB Download
QT602/606/607/609 Quantec Call Point & Slave Device Instructions – DNU6020001226.45 KB Download
QT603 Network Splitter Instructions – DNUQ603000113.65 KB Download
QT606A Addressable Overdoor Light & Sounder Instructions – DNU606A001239.90 KB Download
QT607 Ceiling Pull Instructions – DNU60200121.32 MB Download
QT608 Display Instructions – DNU608000176.54 KB Download
QT611 Multi Purpose Programmable Device Instructions – DNU1000611524.72 KB Download
QT612 Programmable Relay Output Device Instructions – DNU1000612159.14 KB Download
QT615S Display Interface100.76 KB Download
QT616 Quantec Fall Sensor Instructions – DNU61600011.03 MB Download
QT630 Dementia Care Controller Manual – DNU63000003.55 MB Download
QT636 Interface Plate Instructions – DNU636000089.95 KB Download
QT637 Enuresis Interface Plate Instruction – DNU6370000697.32 KB Download
QT645 PIR Power Interface Instructions – DNU6450000212.84 KB Download
QT688/2 Hi-Output Programmable Sounder Instructions – DNU1000688347.65 KB Download
QTS2/5 Surveyor 2 Installation Manual – DNU65000057.22 MB Download