Output Expansion Relay Board

Order code: EP212 Category:
    • An optional system expansion device for use with the EP203 three zone automatic extinguisher panel. 
    • Mounts inside the EP203 panel to provide five volt free relay contacts (reset, mode, discharged, hold and abort).
    • Reset relay switches during the panel’s reset cycle.
    • Mode relay switches when the extinguishant system’s mode is changed to manual.
    • Discharged relay switches when a released flow switch input (e.g. from the extinguishant pipework) is received to indicate the extinguishant has been released.
    • Hold relay switches when a hold input is received at the panel. If the panel is in 2nd stage alarm (i.e. it is in automatic mode and detection circuits are activated, or it is in either automatic/manual mode and a manual release input is operated) the extinguishant release sequence is halted. 
    • Abort relay switches when an abort input is received at the panel to cancel the extinguishant release sequence.